MAP REVELATION® is a simple and ergonomic tool which can process and analyze data in real-time for your large range of your risk issues.

MAP REVELATION® ® is available via a web interface. It is optimized for Microsoft Explorer. The interface is uniformaly used across the software. It is simple and intuitive. At each step you know where you are and you can locate the use of the various processes which can be accessed. 

MAP REVELATION® allows you to integrate in your database all the elements from your partners (national police, municipal-level police, firefighters, lessors and associations, etc.) and your existing systems (GIS). If necessary, it integrates sensors (Alarms, CCTV, GPS, etc.).

MAP REVELATION® generates geographical analysis format .kml you can use on Google Earth ® or Microsoft Visual Earth ®, or any other GIS member of the OGC (ArcView ®, MapInfo ®, etc.).

MAP REVELATION® you can manage all your risks from all your sites, even including all onboard sensors (alarms, video, GTC, GTB, etc.). In case of a situation, MAP REVELATION® manages your emergency committee, in real time depending on pre-established plans. It raises the alarms and gets the mobilization of personels going   

Natural or Technological Risks, sanitary or urban risks, MAP REVELATION® meets the requirements of your security plans.

MAP REVELATION® is truly a crisis management tool. It puts your Emergency Committee in a position to be the priviledged tool to resolve crisis including planned events (ie. Sport events) or unexpected events (ie. urban riots, sanitary crisis).

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