SûretéGlobale.Org surrounded himself with top-level partners, known to be reliable in their fields, (some world leaders in their specialties), to complement its expertise and provide comprehensive services and quality. Our partners allow us to be informed in real time and develop research on the latest technologies in the management of territorial risks.



sampleSûreté is "Entreprise Partenaire de la Défense", and as such has signed a partnership with the Department of Defense for the promotionof The Reserves, information exchange, corporate citizenship.


sampleAs part of its research and development, SûretéGlobale.Org produces high-performance computing tools for the management of territorial risks.  

Sûreté is labeled "Startup with high potential" by Microsoft in the program BizSpark, and is part of the "SUN STARTUP ESSENTIALS". sample.


sampleSûretéGlobale.Org is a member of Angers Technopole.

SûretéGlobale.Org is a pricewinner of Anjou Initiative 

Anjou Initiative Website:


Business Partnerships

SûretéGlobale.Org and Bayesia jointly offer a range of services based on crime statistics: BAYSIALAB CRIME ANALYST. Thanks to its mastery of advanced technology,   bayésiens networks, BayesiaLab helps you make better decisions.

BayesiaLab models your expertise and transforms your data into knowledge


sampleMASA Group, a specialist in simulation and artificial intelligence, markets in partnership with SûretéGlobale.Org an innovative and efficient simulation tool of exercise of civil security.

NNetSquad, directed by Christophe Courtois provides  Sûreté with expertise in communication technologies and systems development intranet / extranet, and methodologies your security plans.

NetSquad WebSite:


Lexis Council, headed by Alexis Wetterwald, is the preferred partner for SûretéGlobale.Org for  implementation methodologies of security plans and trainings for your emergency committee.

Site Lexis Board :

sampleThe Center for Transatlantic Studies SûretéGlobale.Org studies and provide advice on technologies Anglo-Saxon, international relations and international strategic issues. .

sampleIn partnership with Acrie, SûretéGlobale.Org broadcasts the "AcrieProj" software which is the first software self-training tutorial to implement and improve a competitive intelligence unit in companies (Smes in particular).

Sentinel AVE LLCSENTINEL AVE LLC is the inventor of video integration technology in 3D in real-time (Augmented Visual Earth).

Perceptive Pixel develops giant multi-touch interfaces for a total ergonomics with our systems.  

InterMapper: Network Monitoring and Mapping Software for Network ManagementInterMapper is a network monitoring software that integrates with our systems to provide an overview of your infrastructure and your flows in real time.

SûretéGlobale.Org distributes Axis video surveillance products.


Vound Software and Intella ™ are data mining softwares for unstructured data and are distributed by SûretéGlobale.Org in France.


Vound Website:


Research Partnerships


sampleSûretéGlobale.Org is a partner of the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime (Montreal) for the dissemination of good practices.



sampleFor studies and research in statistics, the research laboratory of applied mathematics (CREAM) from the Institute of Applied Mathematics (UCO Angers) works with Sûreté to develop new algorithms and verify their validity.


sampleIn terms of virtual reality and simulation training, ISTIA, School of Engineering of the University of Angers, helps us with guidance and advise. We are also working on issues of technologies watching.

SûretéGlobale.Org is a founding member of the Institute of Complex Systems of Angers in partnership with the Ima and Istia.